the Omegon LX2 mini track is a great star tracker for anyone wanting to try astrophotography. It is mechanical and ticks like the crocodile in Peter Pan 🐊.

I bought the Lx2 version as it is the one I needed for Southern hemisphere astrophotography. Unfortunately there was something wrong with it and the movement was not homogeneous so I decided to dismantle it.

the inner diameter of the hole where the metal plate is turning is 35.7mm and the two screws holding the metal plate are at 36.07 therefore rubbing against the walls 😞 and blocking the mechanism. I might have been unlucky
The biggest diameter is 36.07 and therefore it does not fit properly
I used the Dremel to make this diameter smaller. I removed each screw it was It turns now without friction
The other side of the LX2 with the counter weight spring
the bearing is a bit cheap tough. Out of plastic or teflon but too soft to hold the big torque.
LX2 omegon repaired. The LX3 is probably the same