The dab-p7 is a Nice and light dab+/fm/sd card player

Unfortunately it cannot connect Bluetooth earphones

When switching modes (M button) there is a crackling noise quite strong so remove the earphones to not get deaf. Otherwise the dab-p7 works very good on micro SD card, Dab+ works fine, FM too, but you need the antenna (which is the cable of the earphones, may be this is the reason why they did not put a bluetooth earphones pairing possibility) you would have to keep the antenna in.

the dab radio with its Bluetooth antenna. Actually pretty useless as it serves to connect to your phone and listen music of your phone. Instead they should have done it to connect Bluetooth earphones but this is not possible 😞
To the left the micro sd card holder. The ac20bp bluetooth chip.
AP8048A Audio Application Processor for Audio Application Processor (ARM Cortex-M3 based)
IC: FLASH memory; 16Mb
The FCI FC8080 chip is a highly integrated device for terrestrial digital multimedia Broadcasting.
clipping and railing or guides
plastic clip